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    Building Industry Group PAC
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  • Please help to ensure a quality education for children in our community by supporting the upcoming replacement levy for VPS.
    Mary Ellen Brunaugh
  • Levy funds are critical to maintain quality educational programs.
    Jim Brunaugh
  • Funding public schools should is one of my highest concerns in budgeting as a constituent. Several schools within VPS lack significantly important services, resources, and extracurriculars. Striving for equity to ensure that every student within VPS receives a high class, quality, public education regardless of class, race, gender, sexual and gender identity, location, or status should be of paramount concern. I believe this levy will help in this struggle.
    Tyler Troelsen
  • The VPS levy will provide critical resources that will help the children in our community get quality education and extracurricular enrichment. Vancouver voters have a great track record of supporting the district with levy funding, and this latest vote just approves a continuation of the funding that we have provided schools for years. It's not a new tax! Voting yes is common sense.
    Donnie Rhoads
  • Local levy dollars provide crucial resources for student success throughout VPS.
    Jan Redding
  • Local levy support has provided VPS with programming and staff critical to our students education. Classroom, safety, mental health, and nursing resources all are supported through the local levy. All of the extra curricular programming for students would not be possible without the support of the Vancouver community. We are grateful for a community that supports its local schools.
    Jeff Snell
  • Strong Schools = Strong Community
    Jason Whitney
  • Well supported public education is the only way forward - all children deserve a compassionate and thorough education delivered by well paid educators in small class sizes. The radicalization we have from parents who want to deny children they see as lesser the right to a strong start leads to more suffering under racism, fascism, and hate as ignorance rises.
    Alex Gotay
  • Public schools are chronically underfunded, and if you aren't happy with what a public entity is doing with tax dollars, voting against levies that support their operations IS NOT the way to effect change... unless the change you seek is for the organization to fail. The place to express displeasure with how VPS utilizes their budget is school board elections, NOT LEVIES. Ask yourself who benefits if public schools are set up to fail? When you decipher the signs of the vocal minority trying to defeat this levy, they are anti-union, anti-science, anti-truth, and pro-ignorance. VOTE YES ON FEB 14!
    Erin Olsen
  • As a 32 year teaching veteran with VPS,’I have seen firsthand what Family Community Resource Centers can do for kids. The levy supports 88% of those resources. I am a yes vote for the levy because it directly impacts our kiddos.
    Patsy Hansen
  • My Valentine this year to our community is voting YES to renew VPS Levy.
    Paulina Oberg


  • Mary Ball
  • Jennifer Bennett
  • Daniel Bettis
  • Jim Brunaugh
  • Mary Ellen Brunaugh
  • Cheri Chavers
  • Patricia Chevalier
  • Nicole Daltoso
  • Janell Ephraim
  • Kelly Goodman
  • Alex Gotay
  • James Gray
  • Matt Greco
  • Patsy Hansen
  • Ruth Laabs
  • Katherine Livick
  • Jessica McCurdy
  • Ben Moll
  • Dennis Moxley
  • Carmen Nelson
  • Paulina Oberg
  • Erin Olsen
  • Ryan Olsen
  • Bill Oman
  • Allison Pauletto
  • Susan Peng-Cowan
  • Rochelle Rachelle
  • Jan Redding
  • Don Rhoads
  • Donnie Rhoads
  • Jennifer Rhoads
  • Brienne Schneider
  • Joyce Smith
  • Nacole Smith-Holmes
  • Jeff Snell
  • Paul Speer
  • Amy Surface
  • Timothea Sutton
  • Jenny Thompson
  • Kayli Troelsen
  • Terri Troelsen
  • Tyler Troelsen
  • Kelly Usselman
  • Jason Whitney
  • Mark Wreath

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